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Experience the M & P Yacht Centre Owners Club

With so many places to discover by water, you may wonder where to begin. At M & P, we have a full calendar of exciting events to help you find your new favorite marina, anchorage or on-water restaurant. Our Owners Events will introduce you to new destinations and experiences while connecting you to other boaters to keep you exploring throughout the whole year.

Casual weekend get-togethers with our boating friends and family where we explore different marinas with no pre-set agenda. Do a lot, do a little, or relax and do nothing!

Why drive to dinner when you can boat to dinner? Join us as we visit local marinas and enjoy new and exclusive culinary adventures with our Owners Club.

Be the first to step onboard the newest models and experience a VIP night to remember during one of our exclusive, invitation-only yacht premieres.

Enjoy local spectacular Fireworks Events from the comfort of your own yacht. Join the Owners Club for group anchorings and experience the best view: from the water.

The ultimate Getaway of the Summer: a weekend full of activities, delicious food and fun for the whole family that takes place on the Labour Day long weekend every year.

Learn the skills to captain your yacht with confidence. First, learn the basics in the classroom, then join us on a yacht to practice handling controls, movement and docking.

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